This one is one of my favorite rainy day posts! Since it is raining today, I wanted to re-post it in case you missed it the first time! I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

I LOVE rain. Just as long as it’s not all day and everyday. And also when I don’t have be stuck outside under it for a long time!

When I’m at home, watching the rain outside, feels so cozy and comforting. Usually I have to have a candle on, grab a good feeling book, and have a cup of tea (I know some people would rather wine instead of tea! haha) πŸ˜‰

If it is pouring outside, I love to have the windows open, smell the freshness when the rain hits the ground. When it’s a light drizzle, I love walking in it (with an umbrella!) and just breathing in the fresh air, and watching the grass and the trees soak in the water.

I definitely rather summer rains much more than winter rains! You just feel like you are in a tropical paradise when the weather is warm and rainy, rather than when it happens in the middle of the winter, on a super windy day, and having it pour down.

Anyway, today was a rainy day, so I felt inspired to talk about rain! Kind of a random post..I know!

If there are any rain lovers out there, share what your favorite things to do are during a rainy day! πŸ™‚