Being completely aware of all the benefits that comes by adding this to my daily routine,  I held off for over 1 year and refused to give it a try! All because I let the name  get too much into my head!

If you’ve heard of oil pulling, and have tried it and you do it regularly, then good on you!

If you’ve heard of it but refuse to give it a try, then let me try and convince you other wise!

A little bit of background on it: A practice that started thousands of years ago, has been known to help with clearing skin, making teeth more white, helping with arthritis, asthma, headaches, hormone imbalances, infections, liver problems, and more…

How to oil pull? Using 1-2 tablespoons of a  vegetable based oil (sesame, olive oil, coconut oil), swished around in your mouth for about 20 minutes.  That sounded too long for me, so for my first time I started with 5 minutes, then the 2nd time I was already doing it for 15 minutes! For best results, do it first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

What to do after the 20 minutes? Hoping that the oil has been able to help you detox and take some pressure off of your immune system, the oil needs to be spit out into a garbage can. Not swallowed, and not in the sink or toilet. Because of the detoxing factor, the oil is too toxic to be swallowed, and because of containing toxins, it might change to solid form, therefore spitting out in the sink or toilet might lead to clogs! After spitting it out, make sure to rinse your mouth with warm water a few times before eating anything.

My favourite oil to do this with, is high quality cold pressed coconut oil, mainly because it doesn’t have a weird after taste. I’ve also tried olive oil, but I wasn’t a fan!

So as gross as the name or the process might sound, it’s really not that bad! I’ve been doing this for only 1 month now, everyday as soon as I wake up, and I have already seen such a great difference in my overall well health!

If you already do this, then leave in the comments the benefits you’ve been able to experience because of it! This way we can help convince more people to do this every day, together! 🙂