Let’s talk about the beautiful and ethnic design style inspired by Morocco!

This look is one of my favourites, and it’s unique in the sense that you can either go full color in your space, or accomplish the same look using very neutral tones, which leads to a more modern take on the look.

This look is all about warmth, textures, and feeling of togetherness with friends. I have made a short easy to reference list of what you need to accomplish this light and airy look!

  • Draped fabrics, on ceilings or as curtains
  • Textured rugs on floors or as wall hangings
  • Patterns on fabrics, ceramics, and cushions
  • Chandeliers or pendants as decorative lighting
  • Through candles, or wood burning centre pieces, there is always an element of fire
  • Candles illuminating a room through intricate cutouts of decorative lanterns
  • Side chairs and large coffee tables with carved wood accents as statement pieces
  • Use of bold reds, deep purples, and gold, if going for the traditional Moroccan look
  • Large floor cushions or Moroccan poufs for floor seating
  • Use of natural fibers such as cotton and linen for throws and accent cushions

Let me know if you love this look, and could add anything to this list to finish this look! 🙂