If you have ever journaled before, you know one thing to be true: there is no place safer to share your thoughts and emotions…no place more judgment free.

You start and end in any way you choose to, just pouring everything in your heart and soul outward. Creating a visual map of your thought process and help you work through your problems and doubts. Journaling is the most enjoyable way in getting to know your personality and your likes/dislikes. You will discover ways and new information that you thought you already knew. It allows you to be an open book for yourself.

Do you know yourself? Without thinking too hard about it, you may just simply say, “of course I do,” yet if you haven’t done some serious introspection and work on who you are, chances are you may only know who you think you are.

This is usually experienced before you starting writing about yourself everyday. You think you know what you like and dislike, you think you know what your goals are and where you are headed in life.  By allowing yourself to write freely, you discover goals and dreams that you never thought were priorities for you. You understand the deeper reasons why you automatically say “no” to some things, or avoid being involved in some activities with friends.

Journaling opens the door for you.. where you can finally be honest and meet yourself on a deeper level.

There is nothing more valuable and magical than being your own best friend and coach cheering yourself on. Doing it for yourself by yourself. When we were younger we were encouraged to keep diaries. Back then it was about what happened at recess, who your latest crush was, or how your couldn’t believe your mom made you eat your veggies! That was because having a journal gave you a safe and non-judgmental place in which you could totally be you. Totally and completely honest.

All those benefits still remain true in your adult life. As life gets more busy and complex, naturally there are more fires to put out, more goals to reach, and more situations to handle (of course, with a smile on your face)! There is great value to being able to freely share your thoughts/ideas, your emotions, and your goals in a place where you get to talk to yourself, and work out problems the best way you know how.

Some journaling benefits are:

1- Reduction in Stress

Journaling has the ability to reduce the scatter in your mind. It increases your focus and brings stability to your life while allowing your thoughts to be held still. This gives you an opportunity to process and calculate thoughts prior taking actions.

2- Allows for mindfulness – Serenity Now!..please.

There lives a strong connection between happiness and mindfulness. Journaling allows you to be in a state of complete mindfulness. Past frustrations and future anxieties lose their edge in the present moment…allowing for clearer decisions to be made.

Getting back to the basics of writing about your feelings and how situations arise and your abilities in dealing with them, brings on a sense of reassurance that reminds you of your abilities of overcoming past life events. Naturally this leads to a sense of hope and direction.

Also rather than leaving feelings bottled up inside, you can put them down on paper while journaling. This lets your heart and mind process them, which leads to a more overall serene existence and mindfulness.

3- Personal Growth

The act of continuous journaling, directly leads to personal growth. It integrates life experiences and learnings, moving you towards wholeness and growth, to who you really are. This allows for accomplishing more goals in your life and a deeper look inside who you are. This ultimately explores your spirituality further, leading to a more aware you, that is perfectly in tune with the self. Journaling also exercises your mental muscles, pushes you through your limits and leads you to breakthroughs, allowing for further growth.

4- Self Confidence

Journaling takes discipline to do. Whether you choose to do it first thing in the morning or at some other point during the day… you have to allocate sometime into doing it, repeatedly. This on its own becomes a small goal that you are able to continuously accomplish in your days.

As well, when you write about positive experiences that allows your brain to relive them. It reaffirms your abilities when self-doubt rises. As a result the release of endorphins and dopamine will boost your self-esteem and mood, strengthening your will and desire to move forward with actions and further reaching your goals.

Journaling also has the power to empower you. It does this by allowing you first shot at disentangling your thoughts before anyone else has had a chance to tell you how you should to feel about it.

5- Healing

Journaling allows for healing. Heals the past, heals relationships and dignifies all events.

It is an honest, non-judgmental and trusting method. It tracks and reveals patterns and cycles of your daily behavior, harmonizes and balances the thoughts and emotions inside, all leading to an overall whole and well balanced you.

6- Increases Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive and manage your emotions, and of others. Journaling is the perfect outlet for processing emotions and increasing self-awareness.

The practice of writing opens up emotional blockages that have been put in place by stress. It cuts down on overthinking because rather than having a thought run through your mind a million times before you can attend to, you are putting it down on paper as form of release. This cuts down on the repetitive and unproductive cycle of overthinking.

As well, expressive writing where you have no filters put in place, ultimately allows for healing of your being, emotionally, physically, and physiologically.

7- Sparking Creativity

Since you are in a space where no rules exist, it openly allows your creativity and imagination to come to play.

Creativity can be applied to clarify situations in your life. Allows you to process problems in different ways, think outside the box, and come up with solutions and ideas that will put any problem to rest.

8- Collection of Your Life Memories

Journaling teaches your how to write stories. Allows you to see your life in third person and gives a new perspective on situations and thoughts that come up. It reaffirms your beliefs and allows for deeper self-discovery. It allows you to know yourself better, while bringing out the natural beauty and wisdom within you.

This allows for your greater potential to shine through, clarifying your thoughts, feelings and behavior – revealing the different aspects of self. Lastly and most importantly journaling accesses the unconscious, subconscious and super consciousness to help you find more meaning in life.

Now that we’ve have gone over Why to journal, let’s go over Where to Journal:

If you’ve been reading until the end of this post, that means you either agree with all the benefits or you have been convinced to give Journaling a try.. and now it is just a matter of finding out where!

If you are the techy kind, there are millions of qualified Apps to choose from that are available on both Android and Apple OS. However if you are the more traditional type, then you will love this product. Created by Intelligent Change, the 5 Minute Journal has taken over the world by being the secret in helping you focus on the good in your life. It has a simple structured format based on positive psychology research. This journal allows you to start and end each day with gratitude. It allows you to find yourself even when life gets busy. 

With the 5 Minute Journal, each-day you’ll focus on the tiny steps towards making your dreams a reality. You will build a stronger immune system, you will feel more joyful and optimistic, and act with more generosity and compassion. All because you have been able to release your thoughts and emotions on paper.

This journal takes the feeling of overwhelm and not knowing where to begin out, and leaves you feeling energized and thankful for all that is in your life. It even changes the way you approach difficult life tasks. So have it be this journal or just a simple notebook, or an App on your phone…the point is the more you journal, the more you are able to take advantage of the benefits!

Do you journal? Are you ready to add journaling to your daily routine?Do you have a favorite routine for your journaling? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


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