This one is a deep one. You’ve been warned! 😉

Freedom is.. the quality or state of being free. The absence of necessity or constraint. Independence. It can be  felt and experienced in many ways. It can easily be given, or unfortunately taken.

Freedom has nothing to do with not having a job, kids, not going school, etc..It has to do everything  with being at peace. Taking the best parts of all of your life and focusing on those things. Highlighting them, and appreciating them. Working around your obligations and duties, to prioritize the freedom of your mind.

For me, the most powerful way I’ve been able to experience freedom, has been through making a balanced mind. Setting time to do the things I love. Making time. Sometimes if that means waking up a few hours earlier to just spend sometime alone, or go for a walk, or to do whatever I feel like..I have learned to make that happen for myself. Because even though it is only a few minutes or hours a day, the benefits can add up to a lifetime of having a peaceful mind. With doing that, I give myself sometime to be free. Free to do everything I WANT, or free to do nothing I DON’T WANT.

I create the time to be free, and I make sure to incorporate it to each day. (Free doesn’t mean lazy by the way! It just means YOU TIME!)

As hard as it may be to accept,  to an extent we control our freedom. We can have all the time in the universe to do whatever we want, but if we are trapped in a bad head space, or don’t value our goals enough to make some changes in our lives, then we don’t have freedom. No matter how many days, months, or years we can spend completely free of work, kids, school, etc…

Make time for yourself to do absolutely nothing, or everything that YOU want to do. Value yourself enough to give yourself freedom. Even if it means only a few min a day! 🙂