Have you ever experienced taking a shower filled with the beautiful aroma of hanging Eucalyptus leaves?

If you have, then you have experienced the magic! If not, read below to see why you should give it a try!

Eucalyptus is a plant known for its numerous medicinal and aromatic properties, such as being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. For many years it has been used to help with pain caused by inflammation, fevers caused by illnesses, and as a remedy for asthma sufferers.

EUCALYPTUS = ANTI STRESS – The same way some scents can trigger memories in our mind, other smells can trigger chemicals in the brain that when released, we end up feeling relaxed. Lavender is very known for this quality. To add to this, also the scents of Sandalwood and Eucalyptus help calm the mind. This why Eucalyptus is so commonly used in spas and steam rooms.

EUCALYPTUS AS AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – What is inflammation? It is when white blood cells  build up in an isolated part of the body in the attempts to protect it from harm.Eucalyptus oil stimulates the production of a type of white blood cell known as the protective macrophage, which in turn, helps our immune system work harder and more efficient, in order to prevent the body from being inflamed.

EUCALYPTUS AS AN ANTIMICROBIAL – Using eucalyptus in your shower will release beneficial oils which can help fight viral and bacterial infections, which are the main culprits in providing us with the forbidden sore throat, nasty flu and annoying coughs. Simply breathing in the oils of this plant is enough to help take advantage of these amazing antimicrobial benefits!

MAKING YOUR OWN BOUQUET – All you need are a few simple things.  A bundle of eucalyptus leaves from your florist, tied together with an elastic, then with the use of some twine hung upside down from the shower head…and Viola! You’ve got yourself a more magical shower experience!

The way it works is that the heat and steam in the shower will help activate the herb’s essential oils from the bundle of eucalyptus! So in order to take advantage of the many benefits, make sure to have it hung away from the spray of the water.