If you have something to look forward to first thing Monday morning, it just makes getting out of bed a smoother process!

I came across this delicious recipe yesterday, just in time for the grocery shopping trip! I got inspired and excited to give it a try this Monday morning, so I picked up a papaya, cut into pieces and threw in the freezer!

Since the weather is still warm, and smoothies are a good option for breakfast, this delicious recipe became the perfect breakfast! It was filling, refreshing, and energizing, and more importantly made me feel like I am on an island somewhere!

Who says a little day dreaming is not healthy first thing Monday morning! 😉 haha

Anyway here are details if you want to give it a try!

Courtesy of : Minimalistic Baker

You can find the recipe on their site here!

Hope you plan to have this for breakfast one morning and daydream being on an island!

Have a fantastic Monday everyone! 🙂